Who is Angel? What is Angel’s Hope? Why was Angel’s Hope established?

Angel is our inspiration to work each and every day to give Hope to homeless and neglected pets and to families and their pets that may need a helping hand. Angel’s Hope is a safe place for homeless and neglected dogs to find comfort, food, and healing while a loving family and warm home is secured. It is a partnership with other amazing organizations that are working towards the same goal of creating a better future for the wonderful dogs that just want and need a second chance. Angel’s Hope is the community that was established in honor of Angel to create a hope filled and happy future for pets in need.

How can we work together to create a hope filled and happy future for pets in need? First, by partnering with other life-saving organizations. Partnerships play a vital role in the number of dogs we are able to help. We are not a “facility” and provide care to homeless and neglected pets through our foster home system. In addition to doing adoptions, by partnering with organizations that may have fewer animals available for adoption, we are able to save more from shelters and homelessness. 

Next, we help families that need financial assistance with spay/neuter procedures for their pets. Keeping families and pets together and preventing unanticipated litters of puppies and kittens is a major component of ending the euthanization of approximately 9,000 pets each day in shelters.

Additionally, we provide community outreach resources including information that may be used in classrooms, for civic/church groups, and within other venues such as summer camps. Our younger generations will play a major role in creating a hope filled and happy future for homeless and family pets and are often excited to engage in activities that promote a more humane community. The community outreach aspect aims to positively impact younger generations and their families by providing fun and positive resources and experiences.

When is the time to get involved and make a difference? Now! Each and every day is another opportunity to make a positive and lasting impact and to take one more step in creating a hopeful and happy future for pets in need. Please join us!