Our Spay and Neuter program is aimed at reducing the number of pets that enter shelters or become homeless. Spaying and neutering is one of the most important steps to ending the loss of innocent lives. It is estimated that 5-7 million companion animals enter shelters nationwide every year, and approximately 3-4 million are euthanized (60 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats).

Through our Spay and Neuter program we help families and Good Samaritans locate veterinarians and spay/neuter clinics that provide low-cost or free spay and neuter services. If none are available pet guardians and Good Samaritans in Sumter County, South Carolina and McDowell County, West Virginia may apply for funding assistance through our program.

We need your support to get the Spay and Neuter program up and running. We are only able to provide funding assistance when we have the funds already in place and ready to be sent to the veterinarian.

Will you help us keep pets out of shelters or from becoming homeless?

We are so grateful for all donations. Thank you for your support!


If you are a pet guardian or Good Samaritan and need assistance with funding for spay and neuter procedures please contact us for more information about our programs.

Email: april@angelshopeinc.org