What is a transport day like?

This song and post is for you sweet Pixie, Bandit, and Smokey!

Just know you’re not alone! And this song will guide you if ever you should feel lost- Home

Today was a transport day. Transport days are always emotional days. We are so excited for our pups and the wonderful future that awaits them, but also a little sad and nervous. Dropping them off at the meeting location is always hard and tear filled. We know they don’t understand what is happening and that they are probably a little nervous and scared. They don’t realize that tomorrow they will meet their families and be showered with love. There will be a short period between tonight and tomorrow morning that our hearts will break for them as we know that even though it is just a short time between now and tomorrow, for that little bit of time they may be worried about their future. And that is heartbreaking, as we know they were scared before we met them and we never want them to feel that way again. We give them one last snuggle and kiss and then watch them drive away. We pretend to be okay and laugh at how exhausting the past 6 weeks have been and how tomorrow we will relax and take a day to catch up.

Tomorrow we will sleep a little later, give our own pups the much needed attention they have been waiting for, and maybe even go out for a movie and dinner and not be concerned about our three-four hour time limit. Tomorrow we will not have any accidents to clean up or water spills to step in. But we also will not have super cute puppy yawns and stretches to start off our morning. We will not get sweet puppy kisses or have puppy playtime filled with howls and wild uninhibited running and wrestling. There will not be a nighttime tuck-in for tired little pups tomorrow. So tomorrow will be a good day to catch up and relax, but also a bittersweet day filled with periods of missing our sweet pups.

Tomorrow morning when they finally arrive and realize that the long journey was well worth it, we will be sending them positive energy that their families will see them and immediately a connection will be made. That they too will fall in love with Smokey’s inquisitive nature, Bandit’s playful personality and Pixie’s sweet and gentle spirit. There is always the fear that it may not happen. That maybe the pups will not be want the families are looking for after all. The fear that during the days ahead potty training, teaching them not to bite hands, pull pants legs or chew on shoes will become overwhelming and that our pups may potentially not work out in their homes. There is always that fear.

But we know that the Mary’s Dogs rescue team finds the most amazing families for our pups and prepares them as much as possible for what to expect when expecting a rescue puppy or adult dog. So we have to trust that patience will be given to our pups and that the bond that will build between them and their families will overcome the stress of early morning potty breaks, midday accidents and the occasional play nibble that will hurt. We have to trust and let go, even if only a little each day.

So tonight as we think about the very sick, 5 pound puppies that we met six weeks ago on a cold morning in WV, we will remember the vet visits we when held them and didn’t know if they would be able to overcome all of their medical issues. We gave them all of the comfort and security that we could to let them know we would do whatever we could to save them. We will remember the time we rested on the kitchen floor and Smokey snuggled up under Bill’s shirt with his head popping out of the top and Bandit on my chest, fast asleep. We will remember how excited we were each time we found out that they had a home and a family. We will remember that by letting them go on to wonderful homes and families, another life can be saved.

Tonight we will shed tears while we remember the last six weeks with our pups. We will try to calm our nerves and send calming energy to them and hope that they know how much they are loved and that tomorrow will be an amazing day for them. Thank you to everyone that made this day possible- our supporters, the Mary’s Dogs rescue team, our foster homes, and to the pups that brightened our days.

Pixie, Smokey, and Bandit- this song always made us think of you and how there were times you must have been scared, maybe even tonight. But please know that when there were days before we met you that you may have felt lost and scared- you were never alone and there were so many people already wanting to help you and so it will be for your future. And just like your picture- taking a leap into the unknown can be scary- but boy oh boy can it be fun!

Goodnight pups!

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